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    It is the time to learn how AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA, the open standards platforms for embedded communications, are changing the telecom and enterprise markets. Look to the future of LTE, 5G, cloud computing, SIP Trunking, enterprise systems. Also the most demanding high-availability applications including routers, switches, security devices, access devices, base-stations, telephony systems, and much, more!

Telecommunications Providing Good Business Value

Today's businesses move almost at the speed of light. Providing value used to be the byword for many of them. Customers expect more than value: now they expect 24/7 coverage no matter what the business. Whether it's getting a plumber, setting up an appointment with your dentist or ordering a pizza without using a phone call is the nature of the beast today.

To accomplish all this requires that the business expand its line of communications, namely, it has to be internet and communications ready. The use of past phone systems has to be brought up to speed. Businesses accomplish this with multiple business lines, having operators on standby twenty-four hours a day, and expansion of their phone systems. To do the latter, a nice enhancement has been the use of mobile PBX.

PBX or Private Branch Exchange was an enhanced system of internal communication within the business that connected its phones through one central exchange, much like a central office. It also allowed for contact between the company and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).
PBXs also include the use of “extensions,” which are telephones or lines off the main system. This would include things like FAX machines and modems as well as phones. As time went on and more was demanded of the business, the PBX also had to expand. Its services ultimately included the ability to do extension dialing, call forwarding and other features. The idea was to reduce the internal calling costs from one phone to another. The use of the PBX allowed employees within the business to call other employees as needed by dialing an extension, thereby eliminating the use of the Central Office at the phone company. The PBX handled all internal business requirements.

As this reduced costs to the business, employees could communicate more readily with each other thereby becoming more productive. Smaller businesses could ill-afford a PBX; to this end, the rise of the hosted PBX was created. With this feature, the telephone company provides all the connectivity and features; nothing is on the business premises itself. The business simply signs up for the service and pays a fee per month.
With the demands on businesses these days, a new type of PBX was created, namely, the mobile PBX system. While still a PBX in all its aspects, the mobile PBX allows connectivity to extend to mobile devices such as cell phones, Bluetooth handsets, smartphones, PDA devices and tablets. Mobile PBX allows the use of fixed line telephones, also. One of the features of this service is that the mobile device usually controls how the phone calls are routed by the use of a control or button on the device, and this is often accomplished without the need to call into the host system.
A mobile PBX can also allow smartphones to use their applications to better utilize a specific function of the PBX itself. There are other functions that are enabled by the use of mobile PBX.
All these features allow for greater flexibility of employees to not only serve the customers, but to be able to increase productivity for their business.

For example, having the ability to quickly connect a customer with another employee who can more readily assist the consumer is now becoming the standard operating procedure. This only helps the business maintain good Public Relations and may even generate more business with other customers as well.
Communications is perhaps the most essential aspect of any business. Whether within its own facilities, or with customers, that business has to be able to get information out quickly.
Saving money is the bottom line for any business. Costs for operating a business entail everything from paying utilities to employee benefits. Reducing as many of those costs as possible is always a plus. With this new mobile PBX less money is required to provide a good system for communications. And it is good for morale, too. When employees can get more done with less aggravation that is always a big plus.
The next big phase in the evolution of the communications industry is right around the corner. But what that will entail is anyone's guess.


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